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Junior Beginner Class #1

2022 Junior Beginner Class
Brand new golfers (no bad habits!) are invited to start their golfing career with us. These beginner classes will focus on “Fundamentals” and “Learning to Play” in order to teach a new golfer how to stand up to the ball properly and move around the course. Simple practice habits, training athleticism, and golf course etiquette with rules will be a primary focus of this beginner class.
Three-day sessions with each class 60-90 minutes long will be scheduled throughout the season for age group ages 10 to 17, limited to 12 golfers per session, each session will have similar teaching content. (Age update)

Cost is $75 per session and advanced sign up is required at our online store. Session 1 - June 14, 16 at 5pm, June 18 at 3pm.

$75.00 $75.00