Instruction Programs for 2020 will be posted on this page as they become final.


Duane Borcherding | PGA Professional | Email  
Improving your swing and your game will require a consistent effort, focused in the proper areas. Let’s figure out what “YOUR BEST SWING” is, what your body likes to do, and work at becoming an expert in maintaining and understanding that swing. My teaching objective is to help you understand your swing, help you learn your proper fundamentals and swing keys, provide you with a pathway for improvement, and coach you down that pathway.
Indiana State Open 1995 Top 20 Finish, Indiana PGA Southern Open 1991 Runner-Up Finish, First Tee Level II Coach, U.S. Kids Certified Coach, V1 Academy Coach, TPI Certified Level 1
  • Standard lesson, 1 hour - $60
  • Lesson Series (3) - $150
  • Junior options for High School age and younger

Joshua Martin | PGA Professional | Email  
We start with your goals, and we develop a plan to achieve your goals. I do not have a “standard” way of teaching. We are all built differently, so I am going to diagnose what the student does well and what the student does not do so well. We will use what the student does well and build a foundation upon that, and we will improve the areas of the swing that is flawed. From there we will mold the swing to your liking. My goal is to get my students into the BEST position to hit the BEST shot, and to enjoy their time on the golf course. The only requirement I have for my students is to have fun and smile!
  • Standard lesson, 45 Minutes - $60
  • Lesson Series (6/45 Minutes) - $300
  • Juniors in High School are encouraged to take individual lessons, 1/2 price of standard lesson.
  • Juniors age 5-14, thirty minute lesson, 1/3 price of standard lesson.