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Thanksgiving Brunch

November 23, 2017
Holiday Brunch Reservations 219-661-2322

No Live Entertainment - Due to Holiday

November 24, 2017
Due to Thanksgiving, there will not be any Live Entertainment on Friday, November 24, 2017.

Crazy 8's

November 25, 2017
Crazy 8’s: Members and their guests are invited to this fun “Hit-n-Giggle event. TEAM OF 8 PLAYERS, 18-hole format. The 8 player team must select one of the following clubs to be used throughout the event.  Woods (1,3,5), Irons (3,5,7,9), and one putter, for a total of eight clubs. No changing or switching clubs. The club selected must be used for all shots. Regular rules of golf apply with respect to Out of Bounds, Lost Ball, etc. The team will decide a rotation and it must be followed throughout the event.

David Alamillo Live

December 1, 2017
Live Entertainment

Chris and Lou Live

December 8, 2017
Live Entertainment